Luxury Bridal Makeup


Hello Beautiful!

and thank you for considering me to be your Bridal Makeup Artist. My aesthetic is "Natural Radiance and Effortless Glam" which essentially can be as natural as you would like or as glam as you would like.  For me, it’s more than just makeup, it’s the experience that I am blessed to provide for all of my brides from beginning to end. This year I've revamped all of my Luxury Bridal Collections to cater specifically to my brides. In doing this I’m able to give a level of service and attention that is truly exclusive to my beautiful and unique brides.

I'd love to offer you the chance to become one of my brides and to receive an exclusive and luxurious experience now and leading up to your wedding day.  If you are interested, please submit your bridal inquiry below so that we can arrange a phone consultation and secure your date as soon as possible.

Speak with you soon!

Megan J.